Karyasthan Mp3 Songs, Karyasthan Malayalam Movie Songs Download

Cast: Dileep, Madhu, Salim Kumar, G.K. Pillai, Suraj, Akhila, Vandana
Director:Thomson K Thomas
Producer : Aneeta
Music: Berny Ignatious


Karyasthan Track Lists:

1.Malayalippenne: Subin & Delsy Ninan
2.Mangalangal: Benny Dayal
3.Neeyenee Maranno: Jyotsna
4.Thenikkappuram: Afsal
5.Onavillin: Madhu Balakrishnan
6.Neeyinnenne Remix: George Peter & Jyotsna

For Download Karyasthan Mp3 Songs


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